DOWNLOAD Open Book: Managing Your eBooks With Calibre

DOWNLOAD Open Book: Managing Your eBooks With Calibre

manage ebooksFind yourself collecting eBooks, but not sure how to manage them all? “Open Book: Managing Your eBooks With Calibre” is the free download you’ve been looking for. This guide, from author Lachlan Roy, outlines the best tools on the market for managing your (non-DRM) eBook collection. Easily manage, convert and transfer your books using Calibre, the swiss army knife of eBook software, and a variety of related programs.

From music to movies, various products previously sold in brick and mortar stores are shifting to digital distribution. Books, it seems, are not immune to the trend. The sheer number of eReaders on the market points that out. This guide focuses mainly on the open sorts of eBooks, not those protected with DRM.

There is a section on removing DRM from books you’ve purchased for your Amazon Kindle, so this is not a guide that Kindle owners should miss. Free your files and learn to read them on any device!

manage ebooks

This guide outlines:

  • Using Calibre to manage your eBooks.
  • Download newspapers from the web for free.
  • Where to find free eBooks.
  • What DRM is, and what it means.
  • The many eBook formats.
  • Easily transfer books to your iPad, iPod or any eReader device.
  • How to remove DRM from Kindle-purchased books.

DOWNLOAD Open Book: Managing your eBooks with Calibre
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