WordPress For iOS Gets A Big Update

WordPress For iOS Gets A Big Update

The WordPress app for iOS devices (that’s your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) has received its first update in two months, with the some new features finally making an appearance in version 2.8. In a bid to capture the spirit of mobile blogging, a “Quick Photo” button has been added, allowing you to take a shot and quickly blog it up.

This is the first feature to be dubbed (by the WordPress iOS guys) as “action-centric”, meaning that instead of starting up WordPress for iOS, choosing a blog, actioning a new post and adding a photo you now take your photo first and decide where to publish it and how to go about doing so afterwards.

In a blog post, Isaac Keyet revealed that progress is coming along: “Previously we’ve been 100% focused on improving stability, error messages, and help. While these efforts will continue indefinitely, we now feel like the app is stable enough to start adding some long-awaited features.

In addition to “Quick Photo” mode it is now possible to view your site’s stats from within the app. This works out of the box if your blog is hosted at WordPress.com, though you’ll need Jetpack or the stand-alone Stats plugin for it to work on your own install.

Finally the app has been translated into 10 further languages: Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Hebrew, German, Dutch, French, and Croatian. If your language still isn’t supported, the guys over at WordPress for iOS would love to hear from you.

Do you use the WordPress iOS app? Ever blogged from your iPad, iPhone or iTouch? Test out your autocorrect in the comments below.